Thermoelectric Cooler Built-in Packages

High Precision Temperature Control using TEC Built-in-Packages

Yamaha thermoelectric cooler built-in packages (TEC built-in packages) utilize our unique low-heat-resistance bonding techniques to maximize thermoelectric cooling capabilities.

Examples of Practical Applications for Yamaha TEC Built-in Packages

  • Cooling and temperature control for industrial lasers
  • Cooling and temperature control for lasers for sensing
  • Cooling and temperature control for battery-powered devices

Features of Yamaha TEC Built-in Packages

Integration of Thermoelectric Coolers with Packages

Integration of Thermoelectric Coolers with Packages

We solder the thermoelectric cooler to the package, ensuring the quality of the joins before offering it to customers. The process significantly reduces the amount of assembly required by customers, and allows customers to use thermoelectric coolers that have stable cooling characteristics. Further, we can also design, produce, and solder heat sinks for the thermoelectric coolers. We use lead-free solder for bonding.

Low Power Consumption

When there is an excessive amount of voids in the joints between the coolers and packages, thermoelectric coolers do not perform well, increasing their power consumption and reducing their reliability. Yamaha employs unique techniques in order to achieve a significant reduction in voids in the soldered joints. These techniques have reduced the thermal resistance of the joints and allow to reduce the power consumed by thermoelectric coolers.

Thermoelectric module joint(Ultrasonic image)
Thermoelectric module joint(Ultrasonic image)

RoHS Compliance

These devices comply with the RoHS directives.