Thermoelectric Generator

Yamaha thermoelectric modules realize high–output and high-reliability owing to the thermoelectric materials obtained by unique fabrication process and the original structure. Yamaha can provide a range of thermoelectric products for various customer demands assuming automotive use.

Features of Yamaha Thermoelectric Generator

Yamaha large-size thermoelectric generator(YGPX024)

Large size, high operating temperature and high electric output.

YGPX024 realizes large size, high operating temperature (Max400℃/Reg300℃) and high electric output.

Simple Mountability

YGPX024 eliminate all cumbersome process like grease application and antioxidant/condensation measures. By just pinch pressing the heat source and cooling surface, power generation begins.

High Reliability

YGPX024 has our proprietary stress relaxation structure and stainless sealing structure. By this, it has high reliability to have possibility to support the toughest operation environment, such as automobiles.

Sample Specifications for Yamaha Thermoelectric Generator

Specifications for Yamaha thermoelectric generators (products in development) are as follows. Please feel free to contact us.

Model Dimensions(mm) No-load
At Maximum Output Power Temp. of
Hot side/
Cold side
Open Circuit Voltage Output
Voltage Current Heat flow Conversion
W1 W2 L1 L2 L3 T V(V)=Voc P
YGPX024 125 143 85 103 113 2.1 38 76 19 4 1.9 4.0 300/50
56 143 28 5.1 3.0 4.8 400/15
  • 0.7 – 1.5 MPa pressure on top/ bottom side is recommended to have appropriate thermal contact.
  • The specifications above are representative and not guaranteed values
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.