AUDIO DSP / Karaoke

From home-use AV equipment to professional studio equipment and electronic music equipment, Yamaha offers a wide range of digital audio technology and expertise.

TV & Audio

In addition to DSP-LSI designed specifically for TV and audio equipment, we support all manner of specialized audio control software.

Model Application Features
Audio Equipment,
Karaoke Equipment
Programmable DSP with built-in FM sound source
This programmable DSP offers a whole range of features required for today's multimedia audio equipment: housing correction technology for flat-panel TVs, FM sound source for startup and feedback sounds, 3D sound processing, and authentic karaoke functionality, among others. For TV applications, separating the sound optimization area allows the SOC side to be shared, making faster product development possible.
- I2S input
- User-programmable floating-point DSP
- Linear phase FIR and housing correction technology can be built in
- Advanced karaoke processor function built in
- Twin-core DSP ‘(75 MHz × 2)
- Long-delay memory built in (20 bit, equivalent to 30 mS)
- SRC built in (internal standard performance fs = 48 kHz)
- FM sound source (4 channel, sequencer built in, 58 tune ROM built in)
- PKG: 32QFN