Thermoelectric Cooler

Yamaha thermoelectric coolers utilize our independently-developed high-efficiency thermoelectric materials and high-density, high precision mounting techniques to offer precision temperature control with low power consumption. We hope that you will find our highly-efficient thermoelectric coolers effective heat countermeasures for the temperature control of both large and small areas.

What is the Peltier Effect?

The "Peltier Effect" refers to the phenomenon that occurs when electricity is passed through two substances of different types that are bonded together, causing one side of the combination to absorb heat, while the other emits it. Thermoelectric coolers are electronic devices that utilize this effect for cooling and controlling temperature.

Merits of Utilizing Thermoelectric Coolers for Cooling and Temperature Regulation

  • Small size in comparison to compressors
  • Environmentally friendly − no CFCs are used
  • No moving parts, therefore no vibration or sound
  • Electrically powered, allowing precision head adjustment
  • Controlling the direction of current allows both heating and cooling

Yamaha thermoelectric generators feature unique high-performance thermoelectric materials developed by Yamaha and structures optimized to provide highly efficient thermoelectric generation. We hope that customers will use our high-performance thermoelectric generators, energy harvesters utilizing the Seebeck effect, in their products.

What is the Seebeck Effect??

The Seebeck effect is the phenomenon that occurs when two different substances are joined, and a heat differential is applied to the junction to generate a thermoelectromotive force. Thermoelectric generators are electronic devices that utilize this effect to generate power.