Environmental Information

Regulations on the use of environmentally harmful substances implement measures such as the European ELV and RoHS directives which eliminate the use of harmful chemical substances from products.

Semiconductor / LSI abolished the use of leaded solder in its products even before these regulations were enacted, and will continue to actively pursue initiatives such as the move to halogen free sealing resins.

On this web page we have provided information on the initiatives Semiconductor / LSI is taking towards compliance with environmental regulations, and details on the material composition of our semiconductors, to allow you to use our products with confidence.

  1. Ozone depleting substances
    Semiconductor / LSI does not use any of the ozone depleting substances defined under the Montreal Protocol in its semiconductor products or manufacturing processes.
  2. Substances controlled by the RoHS and ELV directives
    All Semiconductor / LSI products currently sold are compliant with the European RoHS and ELV directives.
  3. Material composition list
    Semiconductor / LSI provides a material composition list detailing the general-use names and quantities of all substances contained in each semiconductor. Please direct requests for more details to a dealership, clearly stating the name of the product for which you want information.