Yamaha audio codecs are optimized for mobile devices. They have low power consumption, and use a built-in DSP to provide high quality sound from micro speakers.
They also apply audio effects to offer such functions as acoustic sound field processing.
We provide codec with voice communications quality enhancers built in, such as noise suppressors and echo cancellers that are ideal for a wide range of mobile device applications.
We also provide OS drivers for the Android OS and other operating systems.
Yamaha codecs are used primarily in mobile phones, smartphones, and a wide range of other mobile devices.

Model Application Features
Mobile Phones Tablet PCs Audio-voice hub codec with multiple built-in amplifiers, DSP, echo canceller, 2 mic noise suppressors for mobile devices
- Headset accesary detection (Plug insertions and removals, Noise free detections, Upto 3 control buttons supported)
- Ultra-low power consumption, 2 mic noise suppressors, echo canceller built in for voice quality enhancement, and sound quality enhancement
- I2C host I/F, PCM/digital audio I/F × 3 (independent or mixed)
- Inputs: mic input × 3, line input × 2, digital mic PDM I/F
- Output: Class D stereo speaker amplifier, class G cap-less HP amplifier, receiver amplifier, line output × 2
- FBGA 105Ball 4.98×4.98mm