Acceleration sound for EV sport driving

Fill the cabin with exciting sound that responds to your driving styleYamaha proposes a new driving pleasure for electric vehicles that bring quietness to the cabins. With our expertise in musical instruments and music creation, we have developed acceleration-sound technology and realized not only traditional engine sound but also completely new sound that is free from physical constraints. This unique technology generates the sound in tune with the car performance, installed in our automotive sound system.

Have a listen to examples with distinctive characteristics

  • Continuous energy flow
  • Essence of petrol-engine sound

Content creation by full usage of music knowledge

As composers choose musical instruments that fit their inspiration and add numerous instrument tones in harmony to express grief, anger or joy, Yamaha applies similar approach to content creation of acceleration sounds. Each tone is created with our synthesizer. Various harmonies are considered to match driving scenes. This approach realizes driving experience just like music listening.

Abundant knowledge about overtone

Both of instrument sounds and acceleration sounds are made up by their fundamental frequency and corresponding overtones. The overtones play a significant role in sound impression and adjustment of the overtone yields different impressions like powerful strings and bright winds.

Dynamic control in response to pedaling and vehicle speed

By monitoring the position of the accelerator pedal and the speed in real time, Yamaha's proprietary algorithm analyzes the movement of the vehicle and generates powerful sounds that match the driving status. Engine's rotation speed and gear position can be also emulated and incorporated into the algorithm.

Reproduction of petrol-engine sound

Engine and transmission are not just part of kinetic mechanism but also part of sound generation mechanism which attracts drivers. Yamaha has developed a solution to bring this attractiveness into EV. The engine rotation speed and gear position are modeled in advance and calculated in real time from the monitored information. Sounds corresponding to the calculated state are picked up from a content table and emitted into a vehicle.

Expression of the car concept by sound

Every car has its own concept which its exterior, interior and driving characteristics are designed along with. This unified development brings special experience in the car. Yamaha has in-depth discussions with car manufacturers and designs an acceleration sound that perfectly matches every concept.

Workflow to realize the ideal sound

We start with understanding of the concept and all the concerns of car manufacturers. Then we propose a combination of key words and driving situations. After iteration of sound creation and evaluation in a studio, selected content is tested on the road. Finally, fine tuning is performed until both of Yamaha and the manufacturer are fully satisfied.