“If a vehicle interior is filled with true instrument sounds, it must be fascinating.” This motivation has been driving the development of our technologies.

Speaker system

Speaker’s movement is especially focused.

The back-and-forth strokes are designed to be symmetrical,

suppressing undesirable distortion and

beautifully representing harmonic overtone of musical instruments.


Bass pitch for stability and dynamics of music


Real and expressive voice in pursuit


Vivid and energetic treble to decorate music


Magnificent vibrancy achieved by tough structure

Signal processing

Dedicated equalizing solution for unique and

complicated acoustics in a vehicle is applied

for all the passengers to enjoy music.

YMU837In-house designed DSP

An unique processor that can compute with less computational errors for pure sound

PhitunePhase equalizer

Professional tool to manipulate sound at will

Tuning engineers for automotive sound

Rich sound led by honed musical sensibilities

Power amplifier

Know-how fostered by HiFi amplifier development is

used for designing profluent current flow

to drive the speakers.

Component selection

Consideration of every component’s role for sound quality in addition to its circuitry behavior

Layout design

Ideal 0Ω wiring continuously challenged in pursuit of ultimate reality