High-quality sound with low loss. Yamaha Digital Amplifiers keep power consumption to a minimum without sacrificing sound quality, which is why they are used in a wide range of applications.

TV & Audio

We have a special line-up of digital amplifiers—such as DSP all-in-one amplifiers with housing correction technology built in to remedy the poor sound quality that sometimes plagues flat-panel TVs—and those that simply amplify I2S digital signals to drive speakers.

Model Application Features
Audio Equipment
Built-in DSP 20 W × 2 ch stereo digital amplifier
D0820Di, with Yamaha original "Pure Pulse Direct Speaker Drive Circuit," allows a speaker to be directly connected to the output. In addition, this amplifier is insusceptible to supply voltage fluctuation because of a feedback-type digital amplifier, and have the feature with high power supply noise tolerance. As a result, power supply can be simplified and allowing a simple amplifier system with less external compornents to be configured.
- I2S input
- 24 bands parametric speaker EQ
- 2 bands Dynamic range control (DRC)
- Power limit function
- Capless Headphone amplifier
- 20W × 2 ch filter-less capable stereo digital amplifier
Audio Equipment
I2S input 10 W × 2 stereo digital amplifier
- Filter-less capable stereo digital amplifier
- Recommended operating voltage: 5 V to 18 V
- Powe limiter function
- Gain setting
- Few external components
- PKG: 32QFN
Audio Equipment
Built-in programmable DSP 15 W × 2 ch stereo digital amplifier
This DSP and digital amplifier has a whole range of features demanded by today's net-TVs, all packed into one chip: housing correction technology for flat-panel TVs, FM sound source for startup and feedback sounds, 3D sound processing, and authentic karaoke functionality, among others. Separating the sound optimization area allows the SOC side to be shared, making faster product development possible.
- I2S input
- User-programmable floating-point DSP
- Linear phase FIR and housing correction technology can be built in.
- Advanced karaoke processor function built in
- Twin-core DSP ‘(75 MHz × 2)
- Long-delay memory built in (20 bit, equivalent to 30 mS)
- SRC built in (internal standard performance fs = 48 kHz)
- FM sound source (4 channel, sequencer built in, 58 tune ROM built in)
- 15 W × 2 ch filter-less capable stereo digital amplifier
- Recommended maximum voltage for amplifier power supply, PVDD = 18 V
- Absolute maximum voltage for amplifier power supply PVDD = 30 V
- PKG: 48QFN


We provide the best digital amplifiers for amusement machines: extreme reliability that can withstand even the harshest industrial applications, I2S digital input to facilitate a high-quality sound interface, and multi-channel structures that can use 2, 3, or 4 channels on a single chip to reduce the mounting area.

Model Application Features
Amusement Machines I2S/ Bi-phase 30W × 2ch digital amplifier
- Digital audio interface ( I2S,Bi-phase Interface,)
- Recommended operating voltage: 8V to 26.4 V
- 4 steps gain settings(Max 24dB)
- Protection circuit(Over current, High temparature, Hi Voltage..) builtin
- Power limit function
- PKG : 64 TQFP
Amusement Machines I2S input 4 ch. 15W × 4 digital amplifier
- Digital amplifier with filter-less capability
- Recommended operating voltage: 8.5 V to 19.8 V
- Power limit function
- PKG : 48LQFP