Sound Generator

Using a hybrid synthesizer core that comes standard in most electronic musical instruments, we have created a line-up of products to optimize peripherals for each target market.

Automotive, Home Appliance

These products create high quality operation sounds and warning sounds for use in automotive and home appliances.
With a built-in hardware sequencer, there is less load placed on the host CPU when playing high-quality sound content.
Built-in applications help skillful sound engineers create optimal sound content.

Model Application Features
Home Applliance,
Medical/Commercial Equipment
8 channnel PCM/ADPCM sound LSI with DSP for audio characteristic correction
- Audio LSI for automotive,consumer, industrial applications
- up to 8 channnel simulataneous playback of PCM/ADPCM
- Audio Data either transferred by CPU to YMF827(APL5) or stored in Flash ROM locally connected to YMF827(APL5)
- SPI for Host interface (as a master) and memory interfafe (as a slave)
- up to 48KHz of sampling rate
- Pitch change and smooth volume supported
- 2 independent analog output (DAC integragted) and digital output (I2S)
- DSP integrated for audio characteristic correction
- Single 3.3V power supply
- SQFP48
- Operational temperature of -40 to 105℃
Home Appliance FM sequencer with 3-band EQ built in
- FM sound source with 16 voices
- Sound quality correction through built-in 3-band EQ
- Built-in speaker with power rating up to 900 mW (5V, RL=8Ω)
- SSOP24
- Operational temperature of -20 to 85℃