Graphic Controller

We are developing graphic controllers specifically to meet the needs of the automotive, Home Appliance, and amusement machine markets.

Automotive, Home Appliance

The VC series is a pattern graphic controller with built-in VRAM that makes it possible to build high-quality animated GUIs with inexpensive parts.
Conventional graphics controllers required the development of a complex display controller program, but the VC series makes it possible to control the display position, scale,
transparency, gradation, and other aspects with a 12-bit property value, enabling the creation of high-quality graphics displays with minimum load on the CPU.

Model Application Features
Home Appliance
BitMap Graphic Controller with Multi-display Capabilities for Automotive and Home Appliance LCDs
- Backdrop frame, OSD Plane × 2 Frame, Capture Plane Frame × 2, for a maximum 5 frame overlay
- 2 built-in video decoders, 3 built-in ADC, enable simultaneous capturing from 2 external sources
- Maximum 12 CVBS can be connected
- Compatible with XGA resolution, and has a built-in resolution converter
- Compatible with SDRAM-I/F
- Image output: ARBG, DRGB666
Home Appliance
Graphic controller with external video capture function for small automotive and home appliance LCDs
- Sprite drawing: maximum 682 frames, pixels: 2, 16, 32, 64, 256, 64K colors, alpha blending
- Line drawing: maximum 1020 (line display color, 32K colors), anti-alias
- Built-in line buffer, external VRAM not necessary
- Proportional font function, scaling, anti-alias font, alpha blending
- CVBS × 1 (NTSC, PAL compatible), built-in video decoder
- Resolution converter, zoom, tilt correction, barrel distortion correction
- Image output: DRGB666, contrast, brightness, saturation, hue correction functions
- 144 pin LQFP, -40 to 85 centigrade
*Click here for information on connecting these products to LCD panels.
Home Appliance
Graphic controller for small-size (WQVGA) home appliance and automotive LCDs with original data compression method.
- Sprite drawing: maximum 341 frames, pixels: 2, 16, 32, 64, 256, 256K, 64M colors,alpha blending
- Line drawing: maximum 510 (line display color, 32K colors), anti-alias
- Built-in line buffer, external VRAM not necessary
- Proportional font function, scaling, anti-alias font, alpha blending
- Support kerning
- Image output: DRGB888, DRGB666, built-in T-CON
- Macro command function
- Original data compression method → Sprite:about 1/3,Font:1/2
- 100 pin SQFP, -40 to 105 centigrade
Home Applliance,
Medical/Commercial Equipment
Graphic controller to support WVGA for Automotive, Home Applliance and Medical/Commercial Equipment
- Sprite-based drawing architecture enables to implement GUI with only several bytes of control data.
- 341 Sprites per screen at maximum are displayed simultaneously
- Animation of ARGB8888 at 60 fps is supported.
- Graphics data is compressed approximately to 1/3 to reduce memory size drastically.
- AdobeR FlashR can be used for authoring graphic contents.
- Up to SVGA (800 × 600) panel is supported
- 100pin SQFP、-40 to 105 centigrade


The GP series is a pattern graphics VDP that uses a real-time decoding method which is ideal for pachinko machines. With a high-performance decoder built in, and using special authoring tools, the GP series facilitates the efficient development of creative graphics.